Teaching WRIT 100 and WRIT 101 with UM RhetLab


UM students enter Writing 100/101 classes with wide-ranging levels of exposure to rhetorical terms and strategies. The Lumen modules, now known asĀ UM RhetLab, are designed to level the playing field for students by addressing the rhetorical content knowledge that DWR teachers emphasize. The modules consist of pre-tests, short readings with embedded activities, and end-of-module quizzes. Students work on these modules mostly outside of class, using the personalized learning features of the courseware to address their own needs and to take ownership of their learning. In annual surveys, two-thirds of 100/101 students have reported that the modules have helped them with their larger papers and projects. In this guide you will find best practices for teaching and learning with the Lumen modules.

Teaching Guide Content