Integrating RhetLab with Blackboard

The Lumen Waymaker courseware integrates seamlessly with your Blackboard course.

Follow these instructions to import the package:


  • Navigate to your WRIT 100 or 101 Course > Packages and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs
  • Choose “Import Package”, enter:
    • SELECT A PACKAGE: Click Browse to locate the course package
    • SELECT COURSE MATERIALS: Check the boxes for:
      • “Content Areas”
      • “Discussion Board”
      • “Grade Center Columns and Settings”
  • SELECT “Submit”


  • In any course modules, open any of the links/pages and verify the content displays.
  • In any Module, open the Study Plan and select Show What You Know and verify the pre-test works and the Study Plan updates.
  • Return to any module and select Quiz and verify quiz works.
  • Open Grades and review that all graded items are connected to the Gradebook

Best Practices

  • If you use course copy to quickly generate your Blackboard environment from a previous semester’s course, do not copy the Lumen Package from the previous semester. Make sure it is unchecked when you select the content to copy. Copying the package from one course to another breaks the LTI links between Waymaker and Blackboard.

  • Once the package has been imported, you can move and rename any of the Waymaker folders and links as if they were any other Blackboard content item (though if you use course copy, you’ll have to remember where you put everything so you can remove it before copying).

  • Waymaker automatically creates Grade Center columns for each module quiz. By default, these columns are worth 20 points and are not assigned a category. We recommend you adjust the grade center columns as follows:

    • Hide the Waymaker columns from student view. They see their scores when they complete each quiz; generating a Blackboard notification each time they take a quiz tends to make them more concerned about grades than they should be.

    • Assign the columns to a category that corresponds to how they are weighted in your syllabus. If you combine the quizzes with other homework, just make sure your homework columns are in the same category as the quizzes.

    • Consider keeping the category with the Waymaker quizzes out of the course grade calculation until the end of the semester. This can help with grade anxiety.