Making the Modules Part of the Class


It is essential for students to see the Lumen Waymaker modules as valuable to their learning and as an integral part of the class. As such, the modules should be part of a homework score worth between 10%-15% of the final course grade. Teachers may count the modules as the sole component of the homework grade, or they may include other assignments and factor the work altogether. This range works best because it is substantive enough to demand students’ attention, but it leaves the vast majority of the final grade to be determined by papers, projects, and other writing.

Teachers should help students see the modules as an important part of the class. This can happen in several ways:

Teachers can talk about them in class:

For example, a teacher may briefly cover the highlights from a module after students have completed their work on it. Ideally, this would involve explaining connections to the major paper or project that the class is working on at the time.

Teachers can refer to them in feedback:

For example, a teacher may make a comment on an analysis draft for the student to refer back to the “Rhetorical Appeals” module to bolster an idea involving ethos, logos, pathos, and/or kairos.

Teachers can mention them in student conferences:

For example, a teacher can talk to a student in a meeting about the argument paper on how to strengthen her thesis statement and avoid logical fallacies using the advice from the “Argument” module.

And teachers can ask students to reflect on them both during and after major papers or projects. See below for a couple of reflective ideas:

Daily Write example – “Reflect for about five minutes on how the ‘Evaluating keys to successful analysis’ module has impacted how you constructed your thesis on the analysis paper. How is this significant in your understanding of college-level analytical writing? Why does this matter in terms of your growth as a writer and learner?”

Part of a Unit Reflection example – “How did the Lumen Waymaker modules that you completed during this unit impact your work and/or your approach to the assignment? Why does this matter?”