Payment for RhetLab Access


There are two ways that students can pay for the Lumen Waymaker modules. The first is to purchase an access code at the campus Barnes & Noble bookstore. The second is a direct pay option using either a debit or credit card. For either payment method, students will need to access the Lumen Waymaker modules through the tab on your course Blackboard page. From there, students will see two folders for each module: one a “Study Plan” and the other a “Quiz.” The content, or “Study Plan,” is made up of open educational resources (OER), so there is no payment option when accessing this material.

The quiz assessments are where students will be asked to enter payment. When students attempt to access any of the Lumen module quizzes, they will see a “Course Assessment Activation” screen where they will have three options: enter an access code purchased from the bookstore, pay directly using a debit or credit card, or use one of two free passes to take a quiz at the present time and pay later. (Note: the direct pay option using a debit or credit card is the cheaper option as there is no bookstore markup involved.) Finally, if a teacher feels like a student isn’t completing quizzes because of a problem affording the materials for the class, the instructor can contact the DWR’s Instructional Designer for assistance.

Payment Screen for Students