Teacher Workshops


DWR teachers represent an active and productive professional community. Faculty present internal workshops and lectures throughout the year, including at orientation sessions, regular CompTalk presentations, reading groups, and cross-campus events. On this page, we showcase the workshop materials that teacher presenters have shared. Please contact the workshop leader directly if you have any questions.

Fall 2020 Opening Session On-Demand Workshops

Writing and Rhetoric Opening Session: Learning to Navigate the New Terrain

The Fall 2020 Opening Session included synchronous and asynchronous components. On-Demand sessions were developed and recorded by DWR faculty and uploaded for Panopto for teachers to access at any time. Expand the link below to view the On-Demand sessions.

Fall 2020 Sessions On-Demand

Sessions on Demand

Previously recorded workshop sessions are available on-demand starting Monday August 17. Click "View Workshop Stream" to view the session in Panopto.
100/101 Model Syllabus
Guy Krueger and Chip Dunkin discuss the new model syllabus and what policy sections you may want to adjust.

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Blackboard Template Tutorial
Andrew Davis walks you through the WRIT 100/101 Blackboard Template and demonstrates how to customize it.

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Resilient Teaching
Eliot Parker, Carrie McCormick, and Josh Eyler introduce the concept of resilient teaching and share what they learned from this summer's learning community.

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Speaking Center
Ellie Moore introduces the Speaking Center and explains how it will operate this fall.

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Student Retention
Marc Watkins and Guy Krueger discuss student retention strategies for first-year students.

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To the Ballot Box Initiative
Don Unger shares the work of the Community Engagement Committee with the "To the Ballot Box" initiative.

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Using Microsoft Teams
Andrew Davis demonstrates the basic collaboration tools and features of Microsoft Teams.

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WRIT 102 Curriculum Revision

Wendy Goldberg will introduce changes to the WRIT 102 curriculum that include critical thinking projects.

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Writing Center
Rachel Johnson, Claire Mischker, Deidra Jackson, and Jeanine Rauch discuss the new Writing Center website and the plans the centers have for the Fall.

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2019-2020 Course Enhancement Grant Workshops

One of the objectives in the DWR’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is to “Support Faculty and Staff Development and Promote Teaching Excellence.” DWR course enhancement grants are available to support continuous improvement and professional development for our teaching faculty. In Spring 2020, several of the grant workshops were held online. The recordings of these workshops are available below.

Fall 2016 General Orientation Workshops

Teachers led workshops on various topics on the Thursday and Friday after Fall Orientation. Their workshop materials are posted here.

Managing Difficult Classroom Conversations

Student-Teacher Conferencing

Workshop Leaders: Whit Hubbard and Alison Hitch

Helping Students: Toward Dynamic Presentations by Managing Speaking Anxiety

Workshop Leader: Kate Hooper and Ellie Moore