The bylaws and the strategic plan are the primary governing documents for the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. Both were developed with input from all faculty (graduate instructor, adjunct, and full-time).




Bylaws The Bylaws are designed to meet the special needs and concerns of the faculty of the DWR, to facilitate communication within the Department and between the Department and other University agencies and personnel, and to enable and regulate the orderly participation of the members of the Department in meeting its responsibility for curriculum and other matters properly within the purview of the Department 09/2018
Policies and Procedures This document dictates personnel management, property control, and information security policies and procedures for DWR employees. 07/2020
Strategic Plan (2018-2022) In Fall 2017, an internal task force was formed in the DWR to study the department, collect information from faculty and staff, and develop a strategic plan for the next five years. This strategic plan is the result. Read more about the Strategic Planning process. 08/2018



The DWR Teaching Policy directory contains all policies related to teaching Writing and Speech classes at the University of Mississippi. Some of these policies include passages that should be included verbatim in each syllabus; in other instances there are suggestions for how teachers should address particular issues. In every case, these policies are supported by the Chair, Assistant Chair, and the Core Faculty, who are available to handle questions and provide further interpretations.

The purpose of these policies and procedures is to improve the teaching and learning of writing and speech, and in the event of any ambiguity, decisions should be made in light of this common goal.




Assessment All writing faculty should submit student work for program assessment. 08/2016
Attendance Policy for First-Year Writing Attendance policy and syllabus statement for first-year writing courses. 05/2019
Class Cancelation Class cancelation procedure for all DWR courses. 09/2018
Disabilities Syllabus statement for students with disabilities and SDS office resources. 09/2018
Document Library Describes the purpose of the DWR document library. 09/2018
FERPA Outlines the FERPA policy and how it applies to DWR courses. 09/2018
Grades DWR grading scale and procedures for midterm grades, incompletes, and grade appeals. 09/2018
Instructor Promotion Policy Promotion policy and procedures for non-tenure-track faculty. 09/2013
Observations Rationale and procedure for required teaching observations. 08/2018
Office Hours Defines the required office hour ratio for DWR classes. 09/2018
Open Door Policy Outlines the DWR Open Door Policy. 01/2019
Permission to Use Student Work Defines when a release form is required for using student work. 09/2018
Persons of Concern Outlines the DWR policy on reporting persons of concern. 09/2018
Plagiarism DWR plagiarism and academic honesty policy and syllabus language. 09/2018
Religious Holidays Defines DWR position on religious holidays and class attendance. 09/2018
Syllabi Describes procedure for submitting syllabus documents and provides required syllabus section language. 09/2018
Teaching Development Reviews teaching development resources and requirements for DWR teachers. 09/2018
Tenure-Track Promotion Policy Promotion policy and procedures for tenure-track faculty. 04/2018