Teacher Development


During these unprecedented times, the DWR’s small teaching circles and communities of practice will be paused for the fall semester. Instead, we encourage everyone to participate as they are able in the department-wide Resilient Teaching and Learning Teaching Circle led by Carrie McCormick and Eliot Parker. Carrie and Eliot will be sharing the ideas and strategies they learned in the Resilient Teaching and Learning Community summer workshops, sponsored by the UM Academic Innovations Group. Carrie and Eliot will send everyone details about meeting dates, times, and topics.

Additionally, if you would appreciate a chance to touch base regularly with a small group of colleagues, consider signing up for a coffee and conversation. These self-facilitated small groups offer the opportunity for colleagues to support each other in informal, virtual settings at dates and times of their choosing. Finally, remember that the core faculty and administrators are available to help with any challenges you face.

Course Enhancement Grants

One of the objectives in the DWR’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is to “Support Faculty and Staff Development and Promote Teaching Excellence.” DWR course enhancement grants are available to support continuous improvement and professional development for our teaching faculty.